Massage in style
Ayurvedic abhyangi



Massage of the whole body except intimate places. According to Far Eastern medicine, the mind and soul are to live in harmony. The massage will help the energy flow freely, restore the psychophysical balance and improve the work of internal organs. Thanks to the use of oils based on only natural ingredients, it allows you to optimally nourish, firm and tone the skin.


130 zł / 60 min



Aromatic massage
shea butter



It has amazing soothing, rejuvenating and regenerating properties. It also strengthens and rebuilds the epidermis and lipid layer. The velvety smooth skin will make you feel neat and more beautiful. The therapist uses smooth movements to massage the warm Shea butter, warm and soothe the spirit.


130 zł / 60 min



Massage in style



He comes from Hawaii and is characterized by an original technique using the forearms of the therapist. He helped to gain good physical and mental condition. It stimulates circulation, makes stiff joints more elastic, but also has a positive effect on the circulatory, digestive or bone system. Lomi-lomi is an intense massage, giving a unique feeling of bliss that permeates the body and soul. It can unlock suppressed emotions.


130 zł / 60 min



oriental relaxation



Full body massage. The therapist uses traditional methods from the deep recesses of Asia. Extremely relaxing and eliminating muscle pains. It carries physical and psychological relief.


120 zł / 60 min



Aromatic massage



Extremely pleasant massage with aromatherapeutic properties. It has been known for a long time that chocolate improves mood and is the best medicine for an inferior day. You will quickly get a lot of positive energy because chocolate stimulates the secretion of endorphins - hormones.


130 zł / 60 min



Face massage
with elements of reflexology



A great form of relaxation for busy and tired people, it has a beneficial effect on the sensory receptors of the skin. It soothes the skin, improves its color and perfectly oxygenates, tones and smoothes. The delicate pressure of the reflexological points of the face and the head introduces a state of pleasant calm. In addition, it unblocks the areas that impede the free flow of blood. It stimulates the body to self-healing processes.


110 zł / 60 min



Classic massage



The most popular form of massage with a very wide spectrum of applications. The main task is to stimulate, relax or strengthen muscle tissue, but also add vitality and refreshment. Great results in the sphere of the psyche.


60 zł / 30 min

Clients says
  • sizer

    Obłędne miejsce! Wspaniały masaż relaksacyjny w połączeniu z klasycznym i powieziowką (bardzo, bardzo dziękuję:) ) Świetny sposób na spędzenie przyjemnego wieczoru wraz z przyjaciółką. Na pewno jeszcze wrócę, a kolejna sesja to floating oraz obowiązkowo masaż! Bardzo uprzejme Panie masażystki, emanujące pozytywną energią. Serdecznie pozdrawiam!

    - Klaudia
  • sizer

    Szczerze polecam! Wszystko profesjonalnie przygotowane i czyste. Masaż w połączeniu z floatingiem to coś pięknego. Pięć gwiazdek, bez zastrzeżeń :-)

    - Tomasz