Microdermabrasion consists of controlled abrasion with diamond microcrystals of the epidermis, removal of blackheads. It reduces small scars, smoothes mimic wrinkles. Stimulates the skin for the production of epidermal cells.







Less invasive microdermabrasion treatment, which also aims to clean the face with ultrasound. After both treatments, both microdermabrasion and after cavitation peel we suggest stimulation of the face through sonophoresis. Sonophoresis - improves blood circulation, thanks to which tissues are better oxygenated nourished.







A treatment consisting of sticking one (or more) artificial eyelashes to the natural lashes. Thanks to their flexibility, eyelashes behave and look like natural. 3D eyelashes are volume eyelashes with a thickness of 0.03 mm - 0.07 mm. They can be attached from 2 to 5 to one eyelash. The more we stick, the effect will be spectacular. The treatment takes from 90 to 120 minutes. Eyelashes are waterproof. This does not interfere with practicing sport (eg swimming) or using other treatments. The effect of prolonging and thickening is achieved without the need of using mascara.




hands and feet



We invite you for a hybrid manicure and pedicure:


  • Cavitation peeling + algae mask - 70 zł
  • Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + algae mask - 120 zł
  • Microdermabrasion. Face (serum, mask, cream) - 120 zł
  • Face + neck + cleavage (serum, mask, cream) - 150 zł
  • Eyelashes - 150 zł
  • Hybrid manicure - 60 zł
  • Hybrid pedicure - 80 zł







This is a cosmetic procedure in which ultrasound is used. With their help, the active ingredients - healing and care, such as vitamins - are introduced into the deeper layers of the epidermis, than if they were to be pressed in manually, massaging the skin. Ultrasounds exceed the barrier of the hydrolipid coat and cell membranes and reach where it is impossible to penetrate the traditional cream (the cream particles are too large, which is why it remains on the surface of the skin).

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    Świetne miejsce na chwilę relaksu i regeneracji. Miałam okazję wypróbować zabieg Indibia Activ i jestem mile zaskoczona efektem. Polecam z całego serca :-)

    - Daria