Carboxytherapy is a very common procedure in cosmetics. It involves controlled, precise injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) under the skin with a tiny needle. This therapy aims to improve circulation, oxygen flow and nutritional values ​​in place of the administration of CO2 through the expansion of blood vessels. Carbon dioxide helps in the reconstruction of cells and collagen, creating new blood vessel networks, thanks to which our skin becomes adequately oxygenated, toned, moisturized and more elastic.


The healing effect of carbon dioxide has been known for over 80 years. Currently, it is the most applicable in aesthetic cosmetics, as it is one of the most safe and non-invasive treatments to improve beauty and figure.


Indications: stretch marks, cellulite, postoperative scars, acne, bags and dark circles under the eyes, drooping eyelids, crow's feet, wrinkles, tired skin of hands, chin, improvement of skin elasticity of the whole body after pregnancy, slimming, improvement of skin tone of the face and neck, skin rejuvenation , psoriasis, baldness. Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, skin inflammation, fungal infections, antibiotic therapy, viral and bacterial infections, epilepsy, rash, enzema.




Place Price for 1 Price for 10
Eyes 70 zł 500 zł
Face 120 zł 1000 zł
Chin and oval face 100 zł 800 zł
Neck and chin 120 zł 1000 zł
Cleavage 120 zł 1000 zł
Face, neck, cleavage 200 zł 1700 zł
Hands 60 zł 500 zł
Shoulders 100 zł 800 zł
Calves 100 zł 800 zł
Thighs 150 zł 1300 zł
Rear 120 zł 1000 zł
All legs 200 zł 1700 zł
Thighs and rear 200 zł 1700 zł
Stomach 180 zł 1500 zł
Hairy scalp 100 zł 800 zł
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    polecam w 100%! miałam serię zabiegów z Karboksyterapii na uda i brzuch efekt...rewelacyjny!

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