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What is floating?

It is therapy which consist of eliminating about 90% of outer stimulus. Thanks to high concentrated EPSOM salt solution we can’t feel the earth gravity. The session starts by entering a cabin with music in the background which helps us to get relaxed. By this our muscles losses stress, endorphins starts to eject and cortisol is being reduced. After only 3 hours sessions our body get used to new environment and we can feel effects coming from the therapy: stress effects reduction, muscles relax, concentration and memory improvement, relief of spine and rheumatic pain, blood high pressure reduction, positive, soothing impact on skin, sleep quality improvement, brain hemispheres synchronization, physical and mental pain reduction, slimming support, injuries treatment speed up, better work of immune system…

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What is floating?


type time(min)/price
Hawaiian LOMI LOMI 60/150zł
SHEA butter 60/120zł
chocolate 60/120zł
Hindu 40/80zł
ajurwedyjski relaks 60/150zł
Ayurvedic relaxation 60/130zł
Thai foot ritual 90/150zł
face massage with elements of a reflexologist 60/120zł
classic back 30/60zł
aromatic peeling with relaxing massage 90/150zł
sporty 60/120zł
trigger point therapy 60-90/120zł


Carboxytheraphy – non-invasive help in the fight against imperfections
Carboxytherapy is a very common procedure in cosmetics. It involves controlled, precise injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) under the skin with a tiny needle. This therapy aims to improve circulation, oxygen flow and nutritional values in place of the administration of CO2 by expanding blood vessels. Carbon dioxide helps in the reconstruction of cells and collagen, creating new blood vessel networks, thanks to which our skin becomes adequately oxygenated, toned, moisturized and more elastic. The healing effect of carbon dioxide has been known for over 80 years. Currently, it is the most applicable in aesthetic cosmetics, as it is one of the most safe and non-invasive treatments to improve beauty and figure. Indications: stretch marks, cellulite, postoperative scars, acne, bags and dark circles under the eyes, drooping eyelids, crow's feet, wrinkles, tired skin of hands, chin, improvement of skin elasticity of the whole body after pregnancy, slimming, improvement of skin tone of the face and neck, skin rejuvenation , psoriasis, baldness. Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, skin inflammation, fungal infections, antibiotic therapy, viral and bacterial infections, epilepsy, rash, enzema
place price for 1 treatment price for 10 treatments
eye area 70zł 500zł
face 120zł 1000zł
chin and face oval 100zł 800zł
neck and chin 120zł 1000zł
neckline 120zł 1000zł
face, neck, neckline 200zł 1700zł
hands 60zł 500zł
shoulders 100zł 800zł
calves 100zł 800zł
thighs 150zł 1300zł
buttocks 120zł 1000zł
whole legs 200zł 1700zł
thighs i buttocks 200zł 1700zł
belly 180zł 1500zł
hairy scalp 100zł 800zł


Radiofrequency - removal of stretch marks and scars
Radiofrequency is a non-invasive and painless procedure that uses radio waves that penetrate deep into our skin. The wave causes the heating of fat cells and collagen fibers, which by shrinking improve the appearance and elasticity of our skin, the skin tightens. Radio waves are perfect for the whole body. This method works well with shallow and deeper wrinkles, explains dark circles under the eyes, improves skin tone. Reduces cellulite and fat tissue. The treatment is completely safe because it does not damage the skin, it is not possible to break the blood vessels. After the collection, the skin may be slightly red. It is a virtually painless treatment that perfectly replaces mesotherapy and phototherapy.
price determined on site after consultation
place price for 1 treatment price for 10 treatments
eye area 105zł 750zł
face 180zł 1500zł
chin and face oval 150zł 1200zł
neck and chin 180zł 1500zł
neckline 180zł 1500zł
face, neck, neckline 300zł 2550zł
hands 90zł 750zł
shoulders 150zł 1200zł
calves 150zł 1200zł
thighs 225zł 1950zł
buttocks 180zł 1500zł
whole legs 300zł 2550zł
thighs i buttocks 300zł 2550zł
belly 270zł 2250zł
hairy scalp 150zł 1200zł


The effect from the photo after the first treatment
It is a painless, non-invasive and safe procedure, we only feel the heat in the area of the electrode's movement. This device allows you to fight wrinkles on the face, firming the breast, area of the face, neck and cleavage. In addition, it shapes the figure after pregnancy, reduces cellulite and stretch marks and firms the skin of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
The first treatment - PLN 50
Body lot - 180 PLN
When buying a series of treatments 10% cheaper
Promotion until 31/10/2018 - when purchasing a series of treatments, a discount of -50% from the entire amount
body part first treatment regular price
face, neck and underside, bust, abdomen, buttocks, thighs PLN 50 180 PLN

Mechanical massage

Mechanical massage is performed using an electrostimulation device. It brings immediate effect with various types of pains and injuries. It is a pleasant, painless treatment performed by a masseur or physiotherapist.
time price
30 min 70 zł
60 min 110 zł
120 min 200 zł

Opinie naszych klientów


polecam w 100%!! miałam serię zabiegów z Karboksyterapii na uda i brzuch efekt...rewelacyjny!!


Polecam zabiegi fizjo! Pozwalają w krótkim czasie wrócić do formy :)


Obłędne miejsce ! Wspaniały masaż relaksacyjny w połączeniu z klasycznym i powieziowką ( bardzo, bardzo dziękuję:) ) Świetny sposób na spędzenie przyjemnego wieczoru wraz z przyjaciółką. Na pewno jeszcze wrócę, a kolejna sesja to floating oraz obowiązkowo masaż! Bardzo uprzejme Panie masażystki, emanujące pozytywną energią, serdecznie pozdrawiam!


Świetne miejsce, świetna obsługa naprawdę polecam w 100 %. Dziękuję

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on whole body 130zł
face mask 80zł


Cocoa butter
100% natural
20g 12zł
50g 15zł
100g 25zł
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